Bead On It Board (Currently available only to US customers)


Product Overview

 Bead On It Boards are made with quality materials (handmade in the USA) & built to last.

  • No more beads on the floor!
  • The borders/bumpers hold the beads from escaping.

The bottom of the boards are skid resistant and the main deck of the board is made with specially selected materials that interact very well with seed beads -- just shimmy the board or run your fingers over top of the beads and they will all settle hole side up! Look to spend more time actually beading as the beads will role up onto your needle easily, you just tip the needle onto the side of the bead, you don't have to aim for the hole to get it on your needle!!

With proper care your board should give you many years of beading pleasure.
To clean your board, wipe gently with a micro fiber cloth.
Do not use water or cleaning solutions on your board.

A light application of Windex or WD-40 can help. 

Do not vacuum the decking (beading surface).
Always remove pliers and heavy beads before storing
Keep away from heat or open flame.
Keep away from liquids.
Should weather cause static in your beads, gently wipe your board with a fabric softener sheet.
Avoid using using beads with finishes that can be known to stain (travertine finishes for example)




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