What's new the week of October 8

Yes, it's true. We are sold out of the Ma Star Ornament kits.

I'm so sorry - we made over 500 of them, and I never dreamed we would be competely sold out within 3 hours! 

I will be spending my weekend working on making supply orders so we can create more - there's only one of the current colorways I know for sure I can restock. I may have to come up with new gorgeous options. 

It will be 3-4 weeks before I have more in stock as at least one set of supplies has to come from France, and then we will need time to physically make the kits. There are 13 different items in each kit, so it's not a quick one. 

I apologize for disappointing some folks. All we can do is learn and get better from situations like this!


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