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Privacy, Terms, and Conditions

Privacy Policy

We do not share your information with anyone ever. Seriously. I promise. Your information is stored on a secured server for the purposes of shipping only, and to allow you to have an account if you choose for making subsequent purchases. 

Terms and Conditions

Full payment due prior to shipping. 

We strive to keep our stock available at all times, but there are times when a product becomes temporarily unavailable or delayed. You will be notified when this happens and given the option of waiting for the backorder or receiving a refund. 

  1. You may not use this project and/or pattern to teach a class without written permission from Jill Wiseman Designs. You may request permission at: jill@jillwisemandesigns.com. A teaching fee may apply.
  2. You may not photocopy or use any other means to copy this pattern, or any part of this pattern, without written permission from Jill Wiseman Designs.
  3. You may not share this pattern. Please understand that this is how we make our living, and by sharing the pattern, you are stealing from Jill Wiseman Designs.
  4. You may sell any work made from the pattern if you yourself hand-created the piece (in other words, no mass production). It would be nice if you credited the designer as well.