Delicas, Size 11 (DB)

Delicas, Size 11 (DB)

Here you can find all of our Size 11 Miyuki Delica beads - the most popular size of Delica bead. We are delighted to carry ALL of the Delica colors offered by Miyuki in our size 11 range! There truly is a whole rainbow of colors to choose from, including the dazzling Galvanized Duracoat finish beads. We have also combined all of the annual Miyuki color releases together for you in handy bead sets. 

Miyuki Delica beads are precision cut, making them ideal for beadweaving designs, especially peyote and brick stitch work.

Unless otherwise stated, all of our Delica beads are 10 grams. (10 grams equals approximately 2,000 beads). 


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