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Carrier Beads, Glass (2-Hole)

NEW Czech GLASS Carrier Beads by Beadsmith! Jill Wiseman Designs is one of the first beads stores to stock these and we LOVE them!

These Carrier beads are made in the Czech Republic and measure 9x17mm. You'll find 15 pcs per packet. What's a Carrier bead? Well, it's a two-hole pillow-shaped bead that's intended to be a support (or carrier) for a patterned peyote strip. These beads can then be easily strung or stitched together into a bracelet or necklace.

This craze started in Europe, and only recently made it to the US. People have been buying acrylic, transparent Carrier beads made in China. The acrylic beads made in China often have sharp edges and bumps, while these Czech glass carrier beads are much better quality. The irony is that the ORIGINAL Carrier beads were made in the Czech Republic, so now they are being created again and the glass version is so much better! They are smooth, opaque colored (so you can incorporate non-covered ones in your design too) and have a barely-there but satisfying weight to them. The holes in the Czech Carrier beads are small enough that if you want to string them with even a single size 11 seed bead strand between Carrier beads, you can and they won't get swallowed by the hole.

Want some Carrier bead patterns? Join the Jill Wiseman Bead-A-Long! See the kits here.