Carrier Beads, Czech Glass, 2-hole, Sliperit (Qty. 15)

Made in:
Czech Republic

Product Overview

Carrier beads are also known as 2-hole pillow beads. They are made in the Czech Republic of glass. They are called Carrier beads because they are intended as a support, or, carrier, for a peyote strip! The peyote strips are usually made from Miyuki Delicas (although size 11 seed beads also work) and are started with 6 beads across (which makes them 3 beads per row) and 48 rows long. The strips are zipped (stitched) together over the Carrier bead and can be additionally secured using a smidge of glue or a piece of double-stick tape. You can then assemble your stitched Carrier beads together in a myriad of ways! 

There are oodles of peyote strip patterns being created for the Carrier beads and Jill will have a free set of designs available for them soon! 

I like the solid, smooth surface of the glass Carrier beads from the Czech Republic better than the acrylic ones that can be found from China. The quality difference is huge. Some folks have mentioned being concerned about a weight difference, but trust me, the glass ones are NOT that heavy! 1 bead weighs 1.2 grams - just barely more than an 8mm round bead (.75 grams.) So a full 30 beads would only be 36 grams which is 1.2 oz. It's nothing. I promise! 

15 beads will make a bracelet, and 30 will make a necklace. 9x17mm.