Elegant Elements BeadSlide Clasp, Cross Hatch, Antique Silver-Plated, 29mm (Qty: 1)


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Product Overview

These special clasps are made in Germany by Elegant Elements. They are intended for use with flat beadweaving designs. Simply slide the last row of beads on both ends and close the tabs to secure the rows. The clasp easily comes off and on by holding one side and pulling up the center catch release then sliding apart. 

APPROXIMATE beads per row for BEADSLIDE™ clasps: Bead sizes vary dramatically from brand to brand. Test by stringing beads on a needle and inserting into the tube. Ends should close without pushing against beads.

29mm tube:

  • 15/0 round Japanese: 29 beads
  • 11/0 round Japanese: 21 beads
  • 11/0 round Czech: 21 beads
  • 8/0 round Japanese: 15 beads
  • 8/0 Matubo round: 12 beads
  • Delica 11/0: 23 beads