Miyuki Cotton Pearls, Rich Cream (10mm) (Qty: 5)

Rich Cream

Product Overview

Discover the allure of Miyuki Cotton Pearls, a remarkable creation crafted in Japan. These pearls, meticulously fashioned by Miyuki, emulate the natural elegance of pearls with remarkable precision.

Crafted through a proprietary process, delicate cotton threads are expertly pressed and coated with a reflective, shimmery pearl finish. This coating mimics the irregularities of natural pearls, imbuing each bead with a luxurious and distinctive appearance.

Renowned for their feather-light weight, Miyuki Cotton Pearls redefine comfort in jewelry. Whether adorning earrings or gracing a necklace, their voluminous presence remains effortlessly wearable throughout the day.

It's crucial to handle them with care; avoid squeezing or crushing them, and be cautious around water, perfume, and cosmetics, as these may damage the delicate coating and luster of the pearls.